Calle Irlanda n°8 – Residencial Faro Park n°114
35580 – Playa Blanca (Lanzarote)

+34 602003007

Try the island’s specialties

You cannot come to Lanzarote and do not try at least once the famous “Tapas” composed of small portions of various typical dishes of the island will transport you into the history of the place while savoring new flavors …

Airport shuttle

Are you afraid of not being able to reach our facility? Don’t you want to hire a car? No problem, we personally come to pick you up with a private Airport Transfer service exclusively for you and your family / friends

Vip Tour

Trust our experience!

Thanks to our private guide you will be amazed by visiting the best places on the island from north to south in all its uniqueness.

Private Catering

Let yourself be amazed by our Catering service, we come home and we will cook you delicious Italian-made delicacies for you and your family / friends. We will not disappoint you!

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